Great Hires guarantees 5% improvement of Glassdoor Interview ratings

At Great Hires we are so confident we can help improve your candidate interview experience, we’ll guarantee it.*

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Over the past year our clients have received consistently positive feedback about how our Candidate Interview App enhanced their experience. The Great Hires Candidate App not only helps deliver a WOW candidate experience, but also acts as a catalyst for the entire hire team to focus on the candidate experience. By collecting real-time feedback from candidates, Great Hires helps with candidate selection decision making and improving the interviewing process.

The average Fortune 500 company has a 16% negative Glassdoor Interview feedback score. Just a few points improvement can dramatically impact a company’s quality-of-hire and lost revenue metrics. Many companies whose candidates are also consumers do not realize the revenue that is at risk due to a bad candidate experience.  According to the 2016 Talent Board Candidate Experience Report, almost 2/3rds of candidates will change their relationship with the company because to a bad experience.

The Great Hires ROI calculator can quantify the four key outcome metrics of using our platform.  They include:

  • Quality of Hire
  • Lost Revenue
  • Total Interviewing Costs
  • Catalyst for Strategic Talent Acquisition competency building

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* Some conditions apply

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